Who is the most creative person in the Álava business world?

No company escapes the power that integrates Creativity in business strategy. This is a skill that has lately become essential to achieve goals as it saves effort, increases productivity and adds value to any activity in any sector.

“The 100 men and women on this list have demonstrated ingenuity, adaptability and experience to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive and uncertain environment Forbes Magazine the ranking of the 100 most creative people in business from many industries.

According to this usual annual list published by the prestigious American newspaper, Vitorian has the greatest ability to integrate creativity into its business strategy It’s Sara Baceiredo. Forbes highlights that she has honed her facet as an entrepreneur after founding in 2019, It’s lava.

Sara Baceiredo

The world of social networks is constantly evolving and there are many young people who dream of it influencersReach a community of loyal followers and spin yours hobby at your work. Sara Baceiredo from Vitoria has already done it and not only managed to carve out a niche for herself in this market – she has more than 455,000 followers on Instagram – but also to build her own business. His project was born in November 2019, it is said It’s lava and for him it has appeared on the list of the prestigious Forbes magazine.

It’s lava is an online shop for accessories (bags, sandals, scarves and sarongs), a company that joined the opening of the first boutique gym in Vitoria at the end of May this year 2022. MineBoxlocated in Plaza Santa Bárbara, next to the El Corte Inglés building in his homeland. The content creator has decided to: a to blog about fashion and travel in 2015, which began by narrating a trip he took with his family along the West Coast of the United States and part of Route 66 before moving on to audiovisual broadcasts. youtube lived in boom very strong back then, but then people switched to Instagram. The influencer combines Instagram and YouTube, as the former allows her to show her most creative side, while the latter helps to tell more about herself and reach a larger audience.

Behind It’s lava “is the conceptualization of a Off-road and proactive womanthat she wants to accompany her in everyday life in an original way,” the publication points out. Her audience is mainly women between 22 and 35 years old. “Sara confesses to her that It’s lava carries deep sustainable DNA (her collection includes vegan leather accessories, for example),” according to the magazine. The Vitorian wants It’s lava respond to this kind of responsible fashion, creating timeless and versatile products, trying to educate people to consume with their heads.

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