Will it be the end of the physical SIM card?

Apple has everyone talking about eSIMs, although it is a technology that has been on the market for almost three years and that other brands such as Samsung and Huawei have in Colombia, where only two operators offer this form of connection.

The big question, however, is whether this format will replace the SIM card we’ve had all our lives and whether it will work the same way as digital rather than with a physical card that can be removed from the phone.

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Will eSIM be the market standard in the future?

It must be said that this type of connection has given results equivalent to those of the physical SIM in terms of signal stability, quality and performance. So there is no general change a priori if you leave one for the other.

But why are companies developing an eSIM? And the answer to it will surely help us to understand if it is the future or not, mainly because this technology offers brands a better working capacity because the space occupied by the SIM tray can be very small for users. but for companies it is an important field to even expand the battery and optimize manufacturing.

And that’s because phones have a 6×5 millimeter chip (half a nano-SIM) where the connections for cellular signals are made, so this format is currently a bit more expensive than any new technology due to this advancement. This is why we only see it on high-end phones like the current iPhone 14.

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Another point companies are pointing out is that it’s already such a small chip They integrate it with other devices like smart watches, tablets, computers and even carsguaranteeing a broader connection that benefits everyone.

So it is not surprising to see that this new technology is being used more and more since it has had good results and surely more operators will aim to have it so that users can bring their phones. since one of the advantages is that you can create multiple profiles and have multiple lines or have the same line on multiple devices.

So it won’t be uncommon to see this eSIM becoming the standard over the years as more handsets are launched, reducing production costs and improving connectivity options for users to trust.

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