Züleyha receives a message from Demir

‘Bitter Land’ It never ceases to amaze its viewers. The past week has been full of emotions, marked by farewells and the introduction of new characters that will give Çukurova something to tell. There was a certain relief in saying goodbye. Ümit died after his confrontation with Züleyha. The doctor kidnapped little Adnan and Züleyha intervened. He accidentally shot him, Hakan Gümüşoğlu and Abdülkadir Keskin did the rest. They led everyone to believe that Ümit had an accident. Now the young woman rests in peace and had a huge funeral. Nobody, neither Fikret nor Fekeli, wanted to miss the appointment.

But the bad news doesn’t end here. Betül was honest with Sermin. He has told you what his real intentions are. The young woman becomes very close to Fikret because she wants to seize the entire fortune of both the Yaman and the Fekeli! In fact, he has already started doing business with Abdülkadir to increase their joint profits.

This week we will see how this man proposed her to be his company to optimize transportation and she accepts. However, he needs Züleyha’s approval, so he gets to work and will try to change her mind. Betül makes the young woman doubt the usefulness of the company that has already been commissioned… Will Demir’s wife notice that Betül is playing with her?

Betül and Züleyha, in the “Bitter Land”

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Züleyha met a new person. This is Hakan Gümüşoğlu, although he introduced himself as Mehmet Kara. The young man came to the Yaman company to meet her and tell her that he was the one who bought the company’s shares. The strangest thing is that he refused to sell them again. We’ll have to wait to find out what his true intentions are. We don’t know how long he can hide his true identity; Hamminé has already recognized him.

The good news for Züleyha is that there is news from Demir. A package from Syria arrived at the Yaman mansion containing a box containing Demir’s ring and a note written by himself. “I’m fine, I’ll be back soon,” read the note. Everything indicates that he is alive, which brings immense happiness to the young woman, but is that true? She thinks so. She will continue to work with Fikret to find her husband.

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